"Being able to create is an essential part of my life. It is an extension of my innermost thoughts and imagination. My primary focus of art is realism--using oils and acrylics. Occasionally, there is a need for me to temporarily switch mediums to break up the monotony. So with this, I started designing and building three dimensional pieces. Working mixed mediums, I use various wood, metal and paint, thus allowing me to achieve the visual effects I am looking for. Many of my pieces have been derived from my attraction to Art Deco and Ethnic designs. I am not satisfied until each piece, regardless of the medium or size, has reached the highest possible level of aesthetic quality and craftsmanship I can give it."

Henry T. Heading has enjoyed creating art since childhood. While an art student at Martin Luther King Jr. High School in Detroit, his art teacher arranged for him to create and present a portrait to then Mayor Coleman A. Young. Mr. Heading continued his art studies on a scholarship as a Fine Art Major at the Center for Creative Studies which is now the College of Art and Design.

Mr. Heading understands the joy found in art and how it affects a young person's heart. He has shared his love for art as a mentor/teacher at the Virgil L. Carr Center in Detroit, Michigan. Students not only grew in their art experience, but also exhibited at the Ann Arbor Art Fair. 

Winning the 2013 MI Great Artist Competition was an honor for Mr. Heading. He is thankful to Park West Gallery owner Albert Scaglione and Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson for the opportunity.

Mr. Heading has also been featured on ASPIRE TV.

Mr. Heading, a former billboard artist, has exhibited in numerous gallery shows. Amongst them are the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History and the National Conference of Artists. 

Mr. Heading has often won best of show for art as well as landscaping. He has illustrated a few books. His murals create a beautiful focal point and conversation piece on the walls of homes, churches and health care facilities. His art and furniture is enjoyed and treasured by collectors across the United States and Canada. Kohei Suzuki, the former Mayor of Toyota City, Japan has a box designed by Henry.

His first attempt at mosaic tile was creating a Tiger sculpture to benefit the Detroit Tigers Foundation and the Children's Charities Coalition. The Tiger Town tiger is located in Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Mr. Heading's spare time is spent in his Michigan home studio creating new works, paintings with unique custom framing, treasure boxes, furniture, portraits and commissioned pieces.

Mr. Heading used the artist line, "I'd like to paint your picture", to now wife Sheryl, also an artist and teacher. The creative duo is now Heading Designs LLC which features fine art, jewelry, t-shirts, calligraphy, educational posters and cards.